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Nigeria, as the giant of Africa is a diverse country with lots of economic sectors that help foster growth in her economy. There are many high paying jobs in Nigeria and this article, gives a hint on the the 10 highest paying jobs in the country.

10. Entertainment

The entertainment industry in Nigeria is a fast growing one as it is divided into parts. It comprises of Music, Acting, Comedy and so on. It so favourable that even most artists from nearby countries come to display their talents. If you have the talent to showcase, you could be taking home tens of millions of nairas every month. Ask the likes of Wizkid and Davido.

9. Programming

Nigeria is fast keying into the future of programming. With many programming languages out there, Nigerians are not left out in joining the queue. An average programmer in Nigeria receives almost a million on monthly basis.

8. Telecommunications Engineers

As the need for the world to develop into a more and better global village, the need for telecommunications is unarguablt important. Telecommunications Engineers in Nigeria are employed by giants like MTN to meet communication needs of the country and gets between 6 to 10 million naira as salary.

7. Aeronautical Engineers

This aspect of aviation is one of the most sought after in the industry. It involves the construction and maintenance of aircrafts. In Nigeria, it is a very high paying job with a basic salary of between 5 to 10 million naira.

6. Investment Bankers

With the calibre of people these bankers work with/for, they are bound to be getting paid bif time. Imagine being a banker in charge of Dangote's investments? Now you have a clue of what the Banking sector gains. An investment banker in Nigeria gets between 6 to 10 million naira monthly. This is because the work they do is highly valued by their clients.

5. Pilots

Piloting is one of the most sought out jobs in Nigeria because of the fat monthly pay. But only a few people actually become pilots due to the large amount of training fee (over 7 million naira). If you Google how much Nigerian pilots earn, you'd discover they get almost 7 to 11 million naira. Although this depends on your rank, flight hours and a host of others.

4. Petroleum Engineers

Working in an oil company isn't something that needs introduction in this country. It's so favourable that even people who go on internship do not wish to leave. This is pushing a lot of people into studying petroleum or other related courses. As an average salary, a petroleum engineer receives upto 6 million naira.

3. Surgeon

The job of a surgeon is a high tasking one. This is so because people literally and figuratively put lives on their hands. Because of the complex nature of what they do, they are well compensated.

2. Pastor

You would agree that this is a very lucrative business in Nigeria today. We see how pastors acquire exotic cars, private jets and amazing mansions. If God calls you in Nigeria, and you know your "onions" be rest assured of being rich. Some pastors make above 10 million naira monthly in Nigeria.

1. Business

Number 1 on this list is business. All the world's richest people acquired their present status from doing business. From the likes of Warren Buffet, Bill Gate, Jeff Bezos and many others all got rich from business. In Nigeria, the most lucrative business is business.

The likes of Dangote, Otedola, Adenuga, etc will prove that to you. These people make hundreds of millions of dollars within the shortest period.

With this comprehensive list, I hope you're able to make a good decision.

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