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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2

“To destroy it …so please just try and get one …!”Roxana said..”oh mom..ok..fine ..I ll..

Meanwhile Mr Tiger del monte was about to cross the road Miguel hunged up he didn’t even notice tiger coming forth as he mistakenly hit tiger …hard…

Oh my God ..what has he done ..people immediately gathered from no where…he hopped out from his car as he carried Mr del monte who had fainted immediately..and was bleeding very fast ..Miguel carried Mr del monte with the help of some people as he rushed straight to the hospital with fear hoping nothing is going to happen to mr del monte…

At the gate of the hospital…he parked his car bringing out Mr del monte as he shouted ..”Doctor.. emergency..I need help…somebody help..!”he said as the nurses immediately brought the strecher they immediately placed Mr del monte on it..he was loosing a lot of blood ..they rushed him straight to the as the receptionist.. interrupted Miguel ..”are you a relative of his..?”the nurse said asked ..”no..I accidentally..hit him by the road side …I don’t know anything about him…!”Miguel said..”hmm..we can’t operate on him until one of his relatives fill this form ..!”the nurse said ..” have to ..please ..he must not die..I beg you..I don’t know anything about him..please …!”Miguel pleaded as one of the nurse joined them ..”Mr …here’s a belonging of the old man you brought ..!”she said as she gave him a wallet …”thanks..!”Miguel collected it ..”please ..treat him..please ..I beg you..please…I ll pay you any amount..just make sure that he lives..!”

“Hmm..ok..the doctor will operate him soon..but please make sure you get at least one of his relatives as soon as possible before dark ..!”the young nurse said as she exited ..Oh shit ..see what mom made me do I have to fix all these mess at once…I said as my phone distracted my thoughts..I picked the call …”son…where are you ..?”Mr Orlando Beltran asked ..”Father .. I’m on my way..I just need to run some errands ..I ll be there soon …!”

“You better be…the board meeting about to start ..!and I need you…!”

“Alright..I ll be there soon ..!”Miguel said as he hunged up..where on Earth will I get the relative of this man ..I said remembering that I had his wallet..I know it’s not the right thing to do but I had to open it..maybe I ll find something that could be of help..I said as i opened the wallet a small locket dropped down..I picked it up to see what’s in there..and there I saw a pretty young lady smiling with a more matured man by her side …”hmm ..!”I sighed to check and finally I saw something that could really help..his phone..thank Goodness there was no password in it was easy for me to operate it..I quickly searched for his contacts …”hmmm..”I kept on scrolling until I saw a contact name “my daughter ..!..this one..”I said smiling very happily as I I called the number immediately….
“Please please please pick ..up..!”Miguel said


While I was arranging the living room …my phone beeped ..”oh …it’s my little tiger calling..”I said as I picked the call

“Hello Dad….any good news..did you get the job ..?”Rosie said realising that no one was responding..”he …l…l..o..father..are you there ..?”Rosie said …

“Hello..!”Miguel finally said something ..

That’s not my Tiger’s voice ..”who are you..what are you doing with my dad’s phone ..?let me tell you one thing better leave my father alone or else I ll do something you will regret..”I said at the top of my voice …getting mad for no reason..”hey ..madame..relax ..a bit..I didn’t kidnap your father…please come to the lunar hospital..your father’s life is in danger …!”

What hides behind..Find out on next episodes of Gardeners daughter  


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