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The woman has two major mission in her existence on earth, (1) To make( (2) To Mar. Both solely depends on how she was treated. Her sadness might cause an entire generation their joy for decades and her smiles can attract. However Prince Obiora (Micheal Chike) father aimed at retaining royalty in his linage by depriving him the one he loved. Omalich(Oge Okoye) Knowing how strong the predicament of the royal home was still insistent in her Love with the prince(Onny Michael)... Out of her belly flew the rive of banks which was unknown to her. The arrogant princess(Chinwe Nwadiuto Onyejekwe) being prone to external forces got possessed fighting light..

Oge Okeoye, Onny Micheal, Sam Obiagor, Chinwe Nwadiuto Onyejekwe

Director: Tony Edozie

Executive Producer: Chinwe Nwadiuto Onyejekw

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